Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day One of... How many?

Well, after many years of Jason and I dreaming about remodeling our kitchen, we are now officially going forward with it. Adam came over on Saturday and helped Jason begin the demolition process. Huge thanks to him (and Jill for letting us "borrow" him), as well as Jason's mom (who had both kids overnight on Friday) because we definitely couldn't have begun without their help!

We spent this past week packing up and trying to figure out how we're going to "live" in our house with all of this going on. It's not going to be done until, well, maybe the end of March? It's not just the kitchen- we're also changing our family room area to add a new dining area. So, that's a pretty big space we're portioning off. We've moved our fridge, dining table, and a couch into our living room (it's a separate room at the front of the house), moved our computer armoire into our room, packed away many toys, and will be washing our dishes in our laundry room. Phew! This is going to be a very interesting process, but at least this time (Jason remodeled our kitchen in our first home), there are at least 2 things we can be certain of: it won't take 7 months, and neither of our bathrooms will have to become our make-shift kitchen! We can also be certain that there will be many meals eaten out (feel free to invite us over, ha ha ha) and as a result, we might all gain a little weight from fast food! Just kidding. Check out the slideshow for more pics. Stay tuned for updates!

The kids' packing experience
Who needs toys when you've got boxes?! (Oh, except all of our boxes have been used for packing!)

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Lomeliclan said...

After the kitchen is done, you won't even remember the headaches. Congratulations!! I think the kitchen is the most important room in the house. That is where all the family time takes place in our house!! I hope it all turns out for you.